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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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refrigerator meet be among a possible source of the cause of the fire. it's still too soon to know and to make the confirmation they have to go in and get all of that debris. that was the priority today. 90% of the debris has been collected and sent to investigations. late today the next phase removing sections of the upper portions of the wall. removing freestanding pieces of material and area of the warehouse investigators don't believe anyone was in the night of the fire.>> we have completely searched the area directly below where we are not released down. we are -- we have run the cadaver dogs through and the other search dogs, at this point we declared the area searched.>>reporter: the building was not equipped with fire sprinklers or smoke detectors. they believe the origin is
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toward the back of the warehouse. near a refrigerator. all the while officials are mindful of victims family members and loved ones seeing these demolition pictures on tv in social media. they stopped work to inform everyone about the next critical piece of the operation.>> we are extremely sensitive and are aware that families are watching in receiving this information. >>reporter: while most of the building has been searched, they cannot definitively say there are no victims inside.>> i have no way of ascertaining that there are no additional victims. we will completely searched the property and recover anything we can and make a statement to the fact that we've concluded our search and recovery efforts. 10% of the property, hopefully less than 10% where there are no victims.>>reporter: as for the victims families, oakland officials have reached out and notified them. some families have requested to see the warehouse.
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they haven't been able to go inside because it's still an investigation, officials said upper location for them to meet outside to view the exterior of the warehouse. they had a chaplain and counselors there. another news briefing is coming up at 5:45 pm we will have the latest at 6:00. and juliet the rich live in oakland. you have seen these photos from the ghost ship website of what the artist website look like before it burned. new pictures paint a different picture of what life was like inside. this is exclusive video to the daily disclosed by former tenant shall i. there are piles of clothes and other items everywhere. navigating the warehouse is like going through a maze. shall i paid $700 and month rent. other paid $1500. look at the bathroom you could
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see the jerryrigged gas electrical hookups hanging over the sink. one room was separated by this crumbling brick wall, you can see piles of close made it impossible to keep it clear. here is a better look at the bathroom with exposed propane tanks this is a den which appears to be decorated for customers -- christmas. shelly mack shows it as a deaf chat. >> the people didn't know, they were well aware. there were police records showing that people did tell them. they just didn't do anything.>>reporter: building inspectors were at the warehouse at least five times in the past three years. neighbors complained as recently as last month about debris and illegal construction. that investigation was pending. the man behind the artist collective who may ultimately
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be held responsible for the deadly fire surfaced at the warehouse this morning. it's the first time that we have seen him since the full scope of the tragedy became clear. allen martin is following the story. >>reporter: tran eight suddenly appeared in the darkness and he rushed, as you saw past reporters. he granted an emotional interview to the today show.>> i leave my children down there every night. this is not process, this is loss. >>reporter: for the families -- >> i'm only here to say that i am incredibly sorry.>> pressed about whether he should be held a comfortable he became more a mashup -- emotional. he said when he signed the lease he believed the building was up to what he called, city standards. as for the owner, still no sign ours eight meant.
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new complaints the city of oakland is not doing enough to crack down on illegal housing and bad landlords. melissa kane found out the city a short on fire inspectors. melissa.>>reporter: people familiar with the inside of the warehouse say it was sketchy and unsafe what happened, according to oakland firefighters there aren't enough inspectors.>> people blew the whistle and nothing happened. >>reporter: today at a committee hearing councilman noah guiles was representing the district where the fire happened demanded more about inspections.>> i'm asking we clearly identify the number of staffing levels that we have when it comes to gilding inspectors, fire marshals, what are the hours of operations.>>reporter: zac unger is the president of the
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oakland firefighters. he said they don't have enough fire inspectors.>> years of underinvestment in the fire inspectors office has led to dangerous conditions.>>reporter: documents confirm oakland budgeted for eight fire prevention inspectors but unger said only six are filled. >> when we see a code violation on the street, we send it to the fire marshal's office. we never know what happens to it we don't ever hear back. these conditions persist.>>reporter: we know the building inspectors tried to enter the ghost ship last month to investigate complaints. they were not been able to get in. fire marshal inspectors have broader powers to enter buildings. the oakland budget has eight positions of fire inspectors, to give you perspective that's the same number they have in anaheim. anaheim is 70,000 fewer people.
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we reached out to the fire marshal department here in oakland and have not heard a comment from them at this point. live in oakland, melissa caen kpix 5. more heartbreaking stories emerging. >> more faces, more families saying goodbye, authorities have identified 33 of the victims. a lot of them were very young mostly in their 20s. the youngest age 17 was the son of an alameda county sheriff's deputy. one victim was a student at san francisco state. at least one went to cal state and some of them were artists and magicians. >>reporter: one of those musicians was the north a native, chelsea dolan, she was 33 and worked in an ice cream shop. >> one thing about chelsea that is whenever she was around everything was brighter. she was unique and
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uplifting.>>reporter: chelsea dolan brought smiles and suites to her hometown of fairfax. >> she's unbelievable and she was a vegan too. the longest lasting vegan ice cream scoop her. they would ask her favorite flair and she with a chocolate.>>reporter: chelsea worked at fairfax on and off for 10 years while pursuing her music career. >> i've been making my music my whole life.>>reporter: that was chelsea in an interview with the campus radio station in 2013.>> after getting burnt out in the classical music world i turned to the rave scene.>>reporter: today her friends and coworkers gathered at fairfax scoop to honor her memory.>> we hung out for a couple of hours and talked. >> just a smile. she always had it on, she was
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always happy and bright.>>reporter: ray martin, chelsea's former boss said they are creating a plaque for her to put on the bench across the street from the ice cream shop. some of the victims killed had time to send final text messages to loved ones. according to the alameda county sheriff's office one victim texted their mother, mom i'm going to die. some victims died with their arms around each other. donations for the victims and their families has been tremendous. it has certain past $1 million, the oakland a's, the raiders, the warriors are setting up a you caring page for donations and promise to match donations of up to $50,000 each. center health is chipped and $75,000, the grey area foundation for the arts is collecting donations through
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you caring. if you'd like to make a donation you still can. we have posted a link on our website coming up, all new at 6:00 we look at the intense scrutiny on oakland's underground art scene in the wake of this warehouse fire and the fear by many of a huge backlash against artists. another story we are following, the official start of winter is still weeks away but it is going to feel a lot like winter tonight. chief meteorologist paul deanno on how cold it's going to get. the coldest night since january. a freeze warning is not in effect for the bay area. it is for solano county and the central valley, comes that you asleep -- conspicuously absent on the bay. there is just enough cloud cover working in from the south and west that will take the edge off of the cold tonight. clouds acting like a blanket, more cloud cover used a milder and we will have just enough to
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prevent a widespread freeze. how chilly? valeo called 34 but not a freeze. concord dirty three, fremont 37, sonoma county coldest 30 degrees. we will shift our focus from the cold to the rainfall there's a lot of rain in the seven day we will find out which is the wettest coming up. what's in the water?>> why some bay area tapwater smells and tastes so different. one of the ultimate presidential perks, president- elect donald trump's beef with air force one. bay area horses living in deplorable conditions. what one city is doing to improve their lives. ,,,,
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peninsula are complaining their water tastes funny... new at 5:
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kpix 5's john ramos went to find the source of the problem. in an idyllic residence up-and-down the peninsula are telling us their water tastes funny.>> kpix 5 news at 5:00 jon gray most -->>reporter: when you live in an ideal setting like palo alto there's not much to complain about. lately there has been this.>> we are receiving complaints that they are noticing a change in the taste and the odor. >>reporter: the city buys its water from san francisco which gets there's from the sierra snow melt that collects at the reservoir. a week ago the utility system began mixing in water from a different source, the sonoma valley water treatment plant. sometimes when you do that. >> you are storing up sediment and that's what's causing the taste changes. >>reporter: the city said they were warned this would happen.
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they are testing the water each day to assure purity. it just happens to smell and taste we are to some. >> my first reaction, we to -- tell people to suck it up.>>reporter: those who cannot can drink at restaurants. either way the taste change is temporary and should settle down. and then palo alto can be the place where there's hardly anything to complain about.>> we will be okay.>>reporter: john raymo's kpix 5 .>> they recommend customers who notice a difference do the same by run the cold water for a few seconds before filling a glass. investigators say a wall that collapsed at a home in san francisco under can action was not supported properly. the trouble happened at 10 am at 501 crescent avenue in the city's bernal heights neighborhood.
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chopper 5 was over the scene and you can see the frame of the home is leaning slightly forward since the collapse. luckily, no one was hurt. the department of building inspection will meet with the homeowner to go over how to reduce any hazards to pedestrians in neighboring buildings. the close call for a mother and son inside this home, a car rammed into their living room leaving a huge mess. it happened at three 3 pm at 90th avenue and macarthur. no one was hurt. the driver of that car took off running. new details about efforts to evict more than 100 horses from a north richmond table. the horses have been ordered at the facility on giant wrote for 17 years. a recent investigation into illegal dumping on related to the stables led to orders of an eviction. only half of the horses remain. the mayor told us they will all have to go eventually.>> this
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whole complex is built without permits.'s it's all substandard. >> the city is working with the owners to find legal stables to board the animals. one deadline has passed, the horse owners are hoping to buy more time at a meeting with the city tomorrow. in vallejo a homeowner shot and killed a man in a home invasion. yesterday afternoon in the 200 block of reynard lane the homeowner said the person kick in his front door and he feared for his life so he shot that intruder. police are investigating. a terror threat has authority stepping up security around metro stations across los angeles. the fbi received an anonymous call last night threatening the red line station in universal city. the metrorail riders were greeted by officers in full gear with rifles and him sniffing police dogs. the los angeles mayor, eric garcetti boarded a train at the
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universal station to show confidence in his security. lapd chief said they are still affecting the credibility of the threat. now to the trump transition, a live look at part two of his thank you tour. this is in fayetteville, north carolina. the president-elect is officially announcing general james mattis as secretary of defense. he is a retired marine corps general and decorated war veteran. he is speaking now, let's listen in. >> [ cheering ] what a great guy, he's going to be incredible. he will get that waiver, if he didn't get that there will be a lot of angry people. such a popular choice. i believe we are in the process of putting together one of the all-time great cabinets that
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has ever been assembled in our nations history. we have some great people going to be named over the next couple of days. but to accomplish our goals -->> donald trump is taking the podium and he says he has a new way to save taxpayer money. he wants to cancel plans to build new air force one jets. earlier today on twitter he criticized the price of the new planes and called for the order with blowing to be canceled. he said it will cost more than $4 billion to build, boeing hasn't said how much the project will cost. the air force had awarded the contract citing parts and maintenance time on the current fleet.>> i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want them to make a lot of
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money but not that much money. >> trump spent most of the date meeting with candidates for his cabinet including exxon mobil rex tillerson he's being considered for secretary of state. airlines given the go-ahead to buy virgin america. the government approved the 2.6 virgin america. the government approved the $2.6 billion deal after alaska airlines agreed to scale back its partnership with american airlines. the airline still faces a private lawsuit that would block the deal. you've had to scramble to find your coat, i hope you found the new umbrella. you will need that very soon. rain is on the way right after the cold leaves. a lot to talk about. the markets closed up today. here is a look at the numbers from wall street.
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we have a family visiting from danville in the studio to watch how we make the sausage.
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they did not bring their umbrella. will they need it? tonight i have a coat and tomorrow and umbrella. danville will get down to 31 degrees tonight. the coldest night for many of us since january 1. it's been 11 months. we will not see a widespread freeze, you can see on this map we have some cloud cover rolling in. it will be cold but not as cold as it could have been, had we had clear skies. livermore 49, santa rosa 49, 51 in concorde in san francisco. san jose 53 oakland 55. you will not need the umbrella tonight, you will need it tomorrow. one passing shower in marin county and that has moved through. specifics on the overnight lows lots of 30s, fairfield 32, napa 35, santa rosa drop below freezing. san rafael 35 and even though
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its way above freezing that's a low number for san francisco down to 44 degrees. sunrise at 7:12 am. usually, we have one thing to talk about or a school week. we have two things to talk about just tomorrow. first, the cold air which is filtering down from canada. we have lost the ocean influence which with moderate., it's coming straight down i-5. in the morning we will be cold. as soon as tomorrow afternoon, six hours later we've got all of this moving in. we transition right to the cold, right out of the cold and write to the wet. all of that tomorrow. most of the afternoon will be spent in the 40s and you can see from future cast by 5:00 in the afternoon it will be rain. we are looking at the green color in the north bay, light rain showers darker green lives in this time tomorrow light to moderate rainfall, it continues wednesday night into thursday
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morning, it continues through the morning commute thursday, it continues through the evening commute thursday in scattered showers will push south by friday morning. thursday will be the saugus day of many days with a chance of rain fall. the rain does begin in the north bay tomorrow afternoon. look at some of these highs, napa you're not hitting 50 tomorrow, vallejo neither are you and neither are you concorde. oakland only 52, san jose 55, rain by tomorrow evening. thursday is the soggy day. overnight lows will be mild. i've seen many 7-day forecast with only a chance of rain over the weekend we have the opposite, the only two dry days are saturday and sunday. the weekend will be rain free before showers move back in on monday and tuesday. that is your increasingly soggy forecast. ,,,, ♪
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only at a sleep number store, save $1, 000 on selected mattresses with flexfit3 adjustable base. hurry, ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number. but better hope she's got a sense of humor. is your significant other asking for a rock for their finger?>> better hope she has a sense of humor. this is it. and rock being sold by nordstrom with a leather case for $85. the description says it could be a paperweight, a conversation piece or a work of art.>> or she could throw it at
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you. >> whoever came up with this idea is a piece of work. scott pelley is next. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: air force none. the president-elect says cancel the order for new presidential planes. they're too expensive. >> we want boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money. >> pelley: also tonight, the killer of former n.f.l. player joe mcknight is charged with manslaughter, announced at a bizarre news conference. >> reporter: sheriff, can you explain why you felt the need to read some of those foul comments? >> pelley: getting less than seven hours' sleep sharply increases a driver's risk of an accident. and, a most-fitting tribute to the fallen heroes of the u.s.s. "arizona." >> every single time i watch that explosion i felt a little pang in my heart.


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